The Telecommunications, Networks and Services Research Group at Public University of Navarre (Spain) is a young research group in Telematics Engineering. Its members are Telecommunication and Computer Science engineers focused in network monitoring, traffic analysis, protocol performance evaluation and high-speed optical networks. The group has participated in international projects receiving funding from the VI and VII European Framework Programs, in national projects funded by the Spanish Research Ministry and has collaborated in deployments and consulting for industrial partners such as Telefónica-data, Telefónica I+D, Volkswagen, Telnet-RI, Opnatel and S21sec labs.


Current Internet scenarios demand network monitoring services for an evergrowing number of hots, services and protocols. The Telecommunications, Networks and Services Research Group has more than 10 years of experience in designing, developing and deploying ad-hoc network monitoring tools. Examples of those tools were deployed for the first ADSL test pilot by Telefonica Data in Spain, for performance monitoring of profuctions networks in Volkswagen Navarra or for the ETOMIC European Monitoring Infrastructure (http://etomic.tlm.unavarra.es).

The Telecommunications, Networks and Services Research Group is also active in deployment of telematic services and network consulting services. The staff has a large experience in advanced Unix programming, network auditing, together with practical expertise in the design of high-speed and wireless networks.